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    Modeling light series

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  • Latest Products

    Modeling light series

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  • Latest Products

    Modeling light series

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Grandview Lighting Co., Ltd. has been involved in LED products since the early 2000s. After 2006, the company adjusted its business strategy and used LED decorative lights as its main products. The company focused on the development of indoor and outdoor decorative lights. At present, the company specializes in the production and sales of various decorations. Lamps such as LED tree lights (including LED peach blossom lights, coconut tree lights, maple tree lights), cactus lights, sunflower lights, fireworks lights, LED string lights, net lights, star lights, rainbow tubes, guardrail tubes, light strips, wall washers light,……


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In line with the tenet of excellence, all for the sake of customers, we constantly update product technology and
adjust the industrial structure to meet the needs of the market


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  • High precision process

    Zhongshan Bojing Lighting Co., Ltd. is a large-scale lighting enterprise integrating design, development, production, retail, wholesale and engineering.
  • Comprehensive quality inspection

    Bojing has sufficient technical support for LED lighting. The professional design team can not only help customers complete the deepening of the drawings, but also go to the site for size measurement and design production, truly achieving a unified and natural overall style.
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